Miles Petroleum Co., Inc. offers a Private Label Program which enables the customer to create their "OWN BRAND" and not just a private label. We have the means for you to market your own brand of petroleum based lubricants. From Fleet and Automotive, Marine, and Metalworking to Specialized Equipment. We can supply a full line of products to a multitude of industries.

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Listed below for your convenience are Lubricant Manufacturers with their general home page listing along with direct links to both their Material Safety Data Sheet/s (MSDS) & their Product Data Sheets (PDS). We hope that you find this information invaluable and remember that if there is any information that you cannot retrieve, please contact Miles Petroleum and we will get you the information that you are looking for.

Search for Miles SDS / MSDS from here

Shell - Shell Home Page
Shell MSDS - Direct link to Shell MSDSs

Gulf - Gulf Home Page
Gulf MSDS and PDS - Link to Gulf lubricants, select the product desired for a link to the MSDS and PDS's

Mobil - Mobil Home Page
Mobil MSDS - Direct link to Mobil MSDSs
Mobl PDS - Direct link to Mobil PDSs

Exxon - Exxon Home Page
Exxon MSDS - Direct link to Exxon MSDSs
Exxon PDS - Direct link to Exxon PDSs

Esso - Esso Home Page
Esso MSDS - Direct link to Esso MSDSs
Esso PDS - Direct link to Esso PDSs

Chevron -Chevron Home Page
Chevron MSDS - Direct link to Chevron MSDSs
Chevron PDS - Direct link to Chevron PDSs

Texaco -Texaco Home Page
Texaco MSDS - Direct link to Texaco MSDSs
Texaco PDS - Direct link to Texaco PDSs

Conoco/Phillips - Conoco/Phillips Home Page
Conoco/Phillips MSDS - Direct link to Conoco/Phillips MSDSs
Conoco/Phillips PDS - Direct link to Conoco/Phillips PDSs

Citgo - Citgo Home Page
Citgo MSDS - Direct link to Citgo MSDSs
Citgo PDS - Direct link to Citgo PDSs

Lubriplate - Lubriplate Home Page
Lubriplate MSDS - Direct link to Lubriplate MSDSs
Lubriplate PDS - Direct link to Lubriplate PDSs

Anderol/Royal Lubricants - Anderol/Royal LubricantsHome Page
Anderol/Royal Lubricants MSDS and PDS- Direct link to Anderol/Royal Lubricants MSDSs and PDSs

Castrol Heavy Duty - Castrol Home Page
Castrol Heady Duty MSDS and PDS - Direct link to Castrol Heady Duty MSDSs and PDSs

Castrol Metal Working - Castrol Home Page
Castrol Metal Working MSDS - Direct link to Metal Working MSDSs
Castrol Metal Working PDS - Direct link to Metal Working PDSs